Group Weekly Placement Request Form

Group Weekly Placement

The Group Weekly Placement Service provides a sitter(s) that will come to your church/organization during the specified days/times that you are in need of a sitter each week during the specified placement period. There are Spring, Summer, and Fall placement periods which run from January-April, May-August, and September-December respectively. Once I receive your form and the $50 deposit* I will start the search. Finding an available sitter can take from two days to two weeks, depending upon the current network of available sitters. Otherwise I will seek out new potential sitters to fill the position and will have to check references and interview the sitter(s) before I can pass along their names/contact information. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding! If you have an urgent need, you may want to consider using the Group One-time Placement Service [$15-$20 placement fee] to fill in with temporary sitters until Stellar Sitters is able to find a weekly sitter.

*There will be a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 which will be due before Stellar Sitters can begin the placement process. After I receive your placement request form, I will e-mail an invoice for the deposit. If for some reason I am unable to fulfill your placement need (very rare), I will refund your deposit.

Payment for the placement is determined by the number of hours per week that a sitter is needed and will not be due until after the two week trial period. The $50.00 deposit will be deducted from the total amount that you owe. After the trial period, please contact me to confirm that the sitter(s) are working out and to let me know how many hours/week the sitter(s) will be working. I will then send an invoice for the remaining balance. If you would like to continue using the sitter(s) through the next placement period and provided they are available to continue sitting, instead of going through the placement process again and paying the full placement fee, there will simply be a continuation fee which will be half of the original placement fee. This will be due 2 weeks into the new placement period.

The price list below reflects an initial one-time payment for the legwork that Stellar Sitters will do to find you a sitter for the requested days/times. The price list does NOT indicate weekly payment to the sitter. Since the sitters are independent contractors, they get paid directly by the client. Average pay rate for a group of children is $12-$15/hour, depending on the number and ages of children

Hours Placement Fee
1-5 $150.00
6-10 $200.00
11-15 $250.00
16-20 $300.00
21-25 $350.00
26-30 $400.00
31-35 $450.00
36-40 $500.00

The continuation fee is 1/2 the placement fee.


Group Weekly Placement Form